Windshield Repairing Company


Pennsylvania based client is the earliest pioneers of windshield repair and they are in the field for the last 28 years. As part of business expansion program, client decided to revamp the website and make it a complete ecommerce website with fully functional payment facility available.  Apart from this client being preferred supplier for Safelite, it became necessary to automate the sales order & invoice processes with Oracle iProcurement system of Safelite.


Key Challenges:
•    Building a complete website with shopping cart and payment processing.
•    Building administration tool that can do all backend process for all orders received.
•    Communicating with Safelite Oracle iProcurement system
•    Communicating with UPS webservices and calculate freight charges on the fly taking into account - weight, dimensions and destination
•    Integrating online payment gateway.
•    Providing security for different type of customers with different pricing level
•    Back ordering & multiple invoicing


Our Solution:

We developed a SEO friendly website for the client.  The website had all the order processing functionality with Google Checkout integration for credit card processing. Customers were shown different price catalogues as per allotment. Taking weight, dimensions of items in cart, shipping charges are calculated using webservices of UPS.


The important functionality of Integrating with Safelite’s Oracle iProcurement was done using cXML calls to:

1) Enable login to Website,  
2) Place Purchase Order & 
3) Receive invoice from iProcurement.
The above achieved a great leap forward in sales for the client and streamlined  the sales management. system



ASP.Net 2.0, Webservices

MS SQL 2005

UPS Webservices

Google Checkout Webservices

Oracle iProcurement Interfaces

ASPEmail Agent