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Industrial IoT for Manufacturing

Learn about the top three IoT use cases of manufacturing and how manufacturing companies can leverage the potential of smart sensors and IoT for value creation.


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Big Data for Utilities- Leveraging Data for Strategic Advantage

Learn how Big data analytics can provide a powerful, actionable insight and a greater visibility to utilities companies to help them identify and look into the problem areas and enable the company to develop an effective improvement strategy that will improve service level, financial performance and leads to achieving operational excellence.


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Making Big Data work- Power of Real-time Analytics

As more and more of today’s enterprises are succeeding with big data, capturing real transformative value that just a short time ago seemed unattainable. Learn how companies in nearly every industry across the globe—healthcare, retail, energy, transportation and entertainment for example—are using big data in real time to increase company value and market share.


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Oil & Gas Supply Chain- Challenges, Gray Areas and Impact

Touchstone experts who have assisted Oil & Energy companies working extensively on business process improvement initiatives and in close collaboration with their supply chain business groups have reported a tremendous gap between upstream operations and IT alignment. Learn about the challenges, gray areas and impact being faced by the oil & gas companies.


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SAP Fleet Management- cost reduction strategy

Learn how the companies such as Oil & Gas, Utilities and Logistics using large fleet can leverage the SAP Fleet Management solution and use the features like fleet administration, fleet management, transporstation logistics, capacity planning and fleet analysis to reduce their fuel cost, asset cost, maintenance cost and optimize the total cost of ownership.


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Managed IT Services for Small & Midsize Businesses

Learn how SMBs can leverage Touchstone's Managed IT Services and reap the benefits of same level of maintenance and suport services as big corporations do by converting their fixed cost into variable cost, keeping their cost under control and focus more on setting the goals and diving their business not baby sitting their IT infrastructure.


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