Supply Chain Practice

Supply Chain Practice

Supply Chain Advisory


Demand volatility, Supply chain visibility, Accurate asset tracking, Reliable delivery and responsiveness, Lean and flexible inventory are some of the biggest challenges of any supply chain. Be it excessive inventory, stock-outs at component level, preciseness of forecasting, demand planning, production scheduling or anything else, Touchstone’s supply chain experts are dexterous in finding and fixing the loose couplings and gray areas of your supply chain operation process.


At Touchstone, we understand that every business has its own unique challenges and that’s why our supply chain advisory services focus on creating a unique solution for every unique problem. Touchstone’s supply chain experts work hand-in-hand, in collaboration with clients’ business groups, understand their business challenges, analyze the processes and detect the loose couplings in their value chain, find out the impacted areas and run a financial analysis to see how and how much it is impacting their return on investment on their various supply chain processes and create a solution encompassing: 


  • Developing KPIs, metrics and scorecards for various supply chain areas to measure the supply chain performance in each area
  • Aligning supply chain with business goals with the help of supply chain modeling to check the reliability, responsiveness, agility, cost and return on working capital by focusing on supply chain performance, processes, practice and people
  • Helping clients to improve overall supply chain performance by using industry wide best practices and check lists for Supply Chain Strategy, Integration, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Planning, Distribution and Logistics, Data Sharing, Supply Chain Effectiveness, Trading Partner Financial Integration, Performance Measurement, Behavioral Characteristics
  • Unveiling the supplier and customer economic value added
  • Helping client to understand their supply chain’s internal and external collaborations
  • Designing a supply chain network supported by various production and replenishment strategies
  • Optimizing the supply chain mitigating risk factors, reducing cost, maximizing the profit and ROI in various supply chain areas while still improving and maintaining the highest level of customer service.


Our Supply Chain Advisory practice is completely focused on optimizing the complex supply chain processes of your company and maximizing the ROI on your supply chain investment. Touchstone’s consultants have specialized expertise on various areas of supply chain to deliver the most cost effective business solutions.


Touchstone’s supply chain consultants can help you architect a complete value added SCM strategy towards a demand-driven supply chain. Using your own supply chain business intelligence and data analytics as a platform, we begin with identifying where your greatest challenges exist. It may be with your demand planning, manufacturing operations, with suppliers or across the order-to-cash cycle. Traversing cross functional gaps in a company paralyzes its ability for performance, growth and success. From single-point focus to enterprise-wide strategy evaluation, team of Touchstone’s supply chain consultants examine these gaps and offer a comprehensive solution to overcome your challenges. Our consultants have average 14 years of experience with an accumulated experience of over 200,000 hours. They perfectly know how to transform your processes into an organization wide corporate strategy.


Touchstone offers the consulting services in the following supply chain areas:


Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Design, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Distribution Planning, Production Planning, Transportation Planning


Supply Chain Execution

Procurement & Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, Transportation Execution, Global Trade Services


Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply Chain portal, Supply Network Collaboration, Supply Chain Integration



Supply Chain Analytics


Ever increasing customer expectations, rising cost pressure, increased competition from low-cost outsourcing companies, expanding global network of offshore suppliers, increasing level of internal and external supply chain collaboration and integrated business planning, supply chains getting more and more digitized, scale and depth of data being generated, need for a real time visibility and due to so many other reasons data has now become the biggest source of insight and drives more value than ever before. That’s where supply chain analytics comes into play. Supply chain analytics can help you transform your data into a predictive insight. Gaining greater visibility into the future and complete control of your strategic decisions with the help of this meaningful data makes more business sense especially when it comes to improving your company’s operational efficiency and financial performance.