SOA Services

SOA Services

While serving various clients over the period of time, Touchstone has developed a unique expertise in the orchestration of application services by means of service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA is an architectural methodology to build a lightweight application which consists of interoperable services. SOA has shifted the whole paradigm from “What the service is” to “What the service does”. 


SOA enables your organization to utilize interoperable and integrated application services in a more lightweight manner than traditional application platforms and can be leveraged much more effectively if delivered through Cloud delivery model which is already a proven superior deployment approach.


Our SOA services include:


•    SOA Readiness Assessment
•    SOA Strategy and implementation Roadmap
•    Enterprise Integration using SOA
•    SOA Implementation
•    Legacy Modernization and Migration using SOA



We have several flexible options for customers to evaluate and, if desired, implement a SOA solution for their organization:



A one to two day visit to your site to obtain a “snapshot” of your current business and IT position


Assessment/ Planning 

A 6 to 12 week engagement that involves interviews with key IT and business stakeholders, reviewing documentation, and holding Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions to identify business requirements and objectives. The end result is a SOA Roadmap that defines your SOA Strategy



Local experts take the results of the SOA Assessment and Roadmap and drive the SOA initiative, which may include business process re-engineering, organizational and behavioral models, and upgrading enterprise architecture



Local experts maintain a strong relationship with you, providing knowledge transfer and support, and nurturing independence.


Benefits of SOA

•    Reduce costs and development time, SOA services can be easily reused and can develop into new composite applications

•     Reduce maintenance costs-reusable services reduce the degree of internal complexity of IT services
•     Improve the quality of services-Increased service reuse creates higher-quality services in multiple testing cycles from different service consumers
•     Reduce the costs of integration, standardized services can work together, allowing disparate applications to connect quickly and easily


Touchstone Advantage:

If your company is thinking about moving to SOA, with Touchstone’ rich experience in application architecture development and deployment, we can help you to make this transition smooth. Touchstone’ highly dexterous SOA application architects can provide you a much deeper insight of the SOA deployment related issues, guide you through out the transition process, assist you build a powerful service oriented asset and make sure that it perfectly aligns with your organizational objectives, services remain consistent with the architectural vision and roadmap and that they adhere to principles of service-orientation.


Touchstone’ SOA deployment expertise ensures that while moving your organization to SOA, we build that Agility and capability which is required to rapidly respond to the changing business, industry and market needs and to solve the purpose of SOA implementation.