Management Consulting Company


Client offers management consulting services for achieving profitable growth even in tough times using distinctive advantage of our easy to deploy business innovation and excellence tools. Client wanted to develop a portal for innovation community. The main objective of this portal was to create a big resource of information on innovation, offer certifications, Jobs listing etc. Client also wanted to develop a testing engine, that could help in standardized testing solution for Innovation certification. 

Key Challenges:
•    Creating certification engine which holds objective type and descriptive type tests. The tests were time limited and intuitive
•    Most of the portal content was dynamic and would be managed by custom CMS


Our Solution:
•    We provided a Certification engine for users to take certification examinations in business innovations
•    We created a website with user controls which were easily manageable in CMS
•    As part of Phase II, we developed CMS for client



ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL 2000, 123Signup Payment Gateway