Leadership Team


Arvind Mehta
Founder, President & CEO
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Arvind Mehta is the Founder, President & CEO of Touchstone ITS. Arvind holds an MBA from Institute of Productivity & Management (IPM), India. His experience in IT industry spans over fourteen years and traverses across various areas of operations. He has advised some of the renowned clients from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, utilities and oil & energy industries with designing their supply chain strategies in SAP centric environment. As a technology leader Arvind's role encompassed leveraging SAP solutions to develop competitive edge for the clients, managing and delivering the strategic supply chain initiatives for optimized supply chain design, maximized ROI and providing the clients with insight about maximizing strategic value through continuous process improvement. He is well known for his deep insight of enterprise applications market.

At Touchstone, Arvind has been engaged in providing his leadership to develop Touchstone’s technology consulting services. Arvind is responsible for strategic planning, designing go-to market strategy, new business development, strategic alliance development and service portfolio management. He is highly passionate about building a company with the culture of innovation, world class customer service and tremendous value added that assists clients incorporate design thinking into business thinking and leverage the power of technology to create innovative and sustainable solutions with measurable results.


John Norman
Chief Strategy Advisor
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John brings in over 30 years experience of IT industry. He has worked in various capacities from Consultant to Sr. Vice President with companies such as Ernst & Young, Arab National Bank, World Bank, KPMG, CSC, EDS, Accenture and IBM. John has vast experience working with diverse teams across the globe in more than fifteen countries such as USA, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arab, Iraq, Columbia, Korea, China, and South Africa. He has vast experience in strategic transformation, and modernization of financial institutions including private and commercial banks, State owned banks, government ministries and Central Banks around the world by planning, design, sales and management of strategic business applications and technology solutions in Financial Services globally. John is responsible for designing Touchstone’s global business strategy, and advising and assisting the key roles within the company in strategic business decisions.


Rajiv Khanna
Chief Technology Advisor
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Rajiv holds Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, India and Masters in Industrial Engineering (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) from Purdue University. He brings in more than 25 years of experience of building the culture of innovation and excellence in technology companies. He has architected multimillion dollars projects for some of the fortune 500 corporations. Rajiv has vast experience managing multi-locational and culturally diverse teams of more than one hundred fifty team members including teams in onsite-offshore settings. He specializes in architecting and managing large size applications, and enterprise mobility projects. Rajiv has been advising the clients for the development and execution of their IT strategies. At Touchstone, Rajiv’s role encompasses Service Portfolio Management and developing Value Migration Strategy for Touchstone’s clients.