Health Insurance Company


Our client is nation’s well known Health Insurance Company. This company provides both individual and group insurance to the companies. Client wanted to develop an eBilling application for both internal and external customers. This application was supposed to be operated by different roles within the company and external users.


Key Challenges:

Client had a very specific requirement and wanted to develop the application in alignment with their current IT landscape of other applications as this new application would be integrated with other applications and would be used the input from and deliver the output to the other components of a very highly complex claim management system which runs in compliance with HIPAA and meets other government regulations.


Our Solution:

We deliver a very high quality application with built in flash based training module and help utility. Some of the functions this application performs are as below:


•    External customers can login in their account using group no., member ID or social security number and password
•    Company’s employees can login with their employee ID and password
•    Search invoices based on different criteria
•    View, download and print invoices
•    Consolidate invoice to make collective payments
•    Elect to stop receiving invoices in the mail
•    Create reports on billing history, payment history, amount paid amount pending etc.
•    Export reports to other applications
•    View the summary of premiums for the invoice
•    View benefit information for each member in the family
•    Create bank account and link it to user’s account
•    Set up auto payment
•    Email payment confirmation
•    Search payments based on amount range and date range
•    Regenerate lost password
•    Adding, managing and deleting users
•    Manage user profile and change password utility
•    Adding, managing deleting bank accounts, credit cards
•    Password regeneration utility



Application was delivered to the client achieving all the required standards and expectations. This application is not only highly user friendly but also it has reduced the redundancy of data and TCO for the client easing the operation and maintaining integrity of the process flow seamlessly. This application is currently under the process of integration with client’s complex claim management system.