Direct Marketing Company


Our Client has a long list of large corporations as their customers for direct marketing and order processing. Client hosts and maintains many websites. Client approached Touchstone for developing a Content Management System (CMS) which can bridge many loopholes and gaps that are there in currently available CMS in the market. Content Management would allow a very fast way to manage different domains from one central control. The purpose of the content management was to allow administrators with help of a small programming team to build multiple website with very similar functionality through a completely data driven pages. 

Our Solution:
Touchstone developed and hosted CMS on a high-performance web server. CMS performed the following functions:


  • Creatting a new domain through CMS Application
  • Each domain had its own style sheet, and set of unique images, header and logos
  • Each Domain had multiple release versions
  • The look and feel for a domain needed to be consistent in terms of header/footer/left navigation panel and top navigation panel based on templates. The middle content would change or remain consistent as decided by the Editor.
  • Entire application was in English but had a flag to change the language to any predetermined language supported by the system.
  • All the events in the CMS changes were logged
  • The content management followed a work flow governed by different roles aso ur CMS solution offers the following features for different roles:

•    Graphic designers – Uploading pictures, Templates, style sheets (Authors can only use uploaded pictures)
•    Content providers (Authors) – Authors provide information
•    Programmers – Develop dynamic functional blocks, upload and make sure all parts are well tested
•    Editors (approvers and authors of the content). Editors manage the versions and can commit or rollback older versions.
•    Admin – Each URL is managed independently through a Domain key and connects each domain to the correct style-sheets and pages.



All the development was done in ASP.NET environment using webservices (creditnet, paymentech, other 3rd party tools like CreditXpert webservices and backend on MS SQL 2005