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Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing, content is the king. When customer wants to buy a product, they search on Google using laptops or mobile phones, ask for recommendations from their friends on social media, research reviews of other people on different forums, read blog, compare features with other websites that offer free comparison. Customer goes through different channels to look for the information to make an informed decision i.e. no single channel can bring the desired out come on its own. Cross-channel engagement is the key here.


If your content is good, search engine will find the content and send the traffic to the content. But that’s just the beginning. Traffic does not generate revenue, a closed sales does. This traffic is just a lead and you must have a sound strategy and well defined process to make that lead go through your sales funnel, convert into a customer, buys your product, appreciates your brand, develops a long term brand loyalty and remains your customer forever.


Well! In reality, it is not as easy as it sounds, it takes a solid plan, a well defined process and an effective strategy to make this happen.


Our team of digital marketing experts has multiple years of experience in building sound digital marketing strategies for some of the world’s well know companies. Our team works hand-in-hand with our client’s stakeholders, understands their business, products, target segments, brand image, brand positioning requirements, current challenges and helps them develop and execute an appropriate, cost effective end-to-end strategy solution for digital marketing, select the most suitable channels to begin with and align their marketing process with sales objectives to optimize the revenue generation with measurable results.


Our digital marketing experts specialize in various strategies such as implementing web development best practices, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), keywords creation, link building, content marketing (web content, blog development, creating white papers, brochures, WebPR etc.), social media marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing, targeted marketing, marketing channel selection, customer engagement, cross-channel engagement, affiliate marketing, campaign management, marketing campaign KPIs development, campaign analytics etc. that drive traffic for lead generation, lead conversion, sales funnel development, aligning your online campaign with lead conversion and revenue goals to maximize the efficiency of your digital marketing campaign.


Digital Branding


While marketing is a tactical mean to create a desired result in a short period of time, branding sticks in customer’s mind even after they buy the product or the service and it traverses across everything from information search to customer service after buying the product. It won’t be an overstatement to say that your brand is actually a customer engagement engine. In today’s digital ecosystem customer engagement no longer functions like a funnel but like an engagement engine where brand and consumer engage in a more synergistic interaction with each other.


In your journey from running a business to establishing and marking a distinctly noticeable and great brand in the wild west world of digital marketplace is no more simply an option, it is imperative now. You have to create a digital brand and do a proper positioning of your brand before your competitors do and you don’t want to lose this game to your competitors at any cost. You can’t afford to be local any more because your competitors are going global. Now you not only have to sell your product but also create a whole new digital experience for your customers through out their journey of buying your product. The goal of digital branding is to transform your customers into your brand evangelists so they can bring more new customers.


Our digital branding experts have average 15+ years of experience building digital brands for companies all across the globe. They are highly specialized in:


  • Brand planning
  • Building brand strategy
  • Creating brand positioning statement
  • Brand development
  • Brand introduction
  • Developing band assets
  • Brand management


Our team can help you Identifying target market segment, discover your brand personality, brand introduction, brand differentiation, maximize your consumer reach, market penetration etc.


When planned and executed correctly, digital branding can define the difference between a company’s failure and exponential growth. With the power of internet, vast reach of smart phones and readily available inexpensive technologies, even mom and pop shops can leverage the potential of digital marketing and digital branding to turn into a global brand and develop a deeper connection to their customers.


When you connect to your customers through quality content and consumer focused branding, you are already ahead in the game with a well positioned, highly responsive and deeply engaging brand that has a vast segment of consumers who help you grow your business by becoming your brand advocates and by being conducive to enormous value creation.