C-Suite Advisory & Management Consulting

There is no gainsaying that in today’s business world of intense and cut-throat competition, the survival and success of an organization depends on the decision making capability of its boardroom and C-suite executives.


Creating a strategic vision, setting goals, providing direction, devising road-map and ensuring the successful implementation of the strategic planning and corporate decision making is definitely an intricate process, specially when business environment is constantly changing. Keeping your organization aligned with rapid changes is an uphill task. Abrupt industry disruption caused by an innovative competitor can force you to redefine your goals, realign your strategy and make sudden changes in your direction. What that means is you have to keep your organization agile enough to encounter these disruptions while still maintaining the control on organization wide top-down and bottom-up decision making processes.




Developing a strategy to gain competitive edge, creating innovative revenue growth model, negotiating with suppliers, effective demand planning to meet continuously changing customer demands, managing production planning, MRP, resource planning, manufacturing process, implementing activity based costing to have a clear cost assessment, penetrating new markets, designing a robust supply chain, leveraging technology to transform your data into actionable insights and gaining visibility across various processes, achieving cost efficiency & operational excellence while optimizing ROI and eventually creating value for your customers are certainly not something one can handle single-handedly because each business area and line of business requires specific skills, experience and expertise. 


Touchstone‘s corporate advisory and management consulting practice empowers your C-suite executive decisions through leveraging the power of your business data, gaining greater insights and attaining complete control of your strategic decisions. Our team of advisers and consultants has over 450,000 hours of experience advising C-level executives in multiple industries and helping them innovate through building and executing corporate, business and functional level strategies.