Client required ID protection by multi-lingual web application that can provide comprehensive identity theft solution and fraud detection program to their customers which includes 24/7 credit monitoring, credit change alerts, access to credit reports, credit scores and credit expert with major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Customers convert their membership from offline to online to delivery their credit information through website.


Key Challenges:

•    Dynamic content driven and management for multi-languages. 

•    Working with Creditnet to extract both credit reports and Monitoring Alerts from three credit bureaus for both offline and online.
•    Keeping information extremely secure (PCI compliance).
•    Migration of legacy data of 80 million customers from TUI website to ID protection site and provide all services as regular customer
•    Synchronizing website activities with clients mainframe system for billing and customer support
•    Working with third part credit score simulation tools


Our Solution:

The site was designed to support multiple languages, all the content was driven from database. It had to be flexible and highly secure to support the following:


•    We encrypted all sensitive data and the site was validated by PCI compliance. 

•    Customer notification for hack attempts and modification to client profile.
•    Communications between the website, credit net and membership system CISA using XML web services and flat files.
•    Developed different purchase path for regular, 30 days free, employee, DR TV referrals and utilize the promotion codes.
•    Nightly updates from and to the client’s mainframe to post all web activities.
•    Capturing and notifying monitoring alerts to the users.
•    Created tools to support customer service for researching client questions, updating emails, reset password, etc.
•    Authenticate users due to the sensitivity of the information.
•    Ability for customer service to manually authenticate users.



All the development was done in ASP.NET environment using webservices (creditnet, paymentech, other 3rd party tools like CreditXpert webservices and backend on MS SQL 2005)